Million Dollar Match!

Edna Martin Christian Center’s Thrive! Campaign got an enormous boost this November from one of Central Indiana’s major funders: a $1 million challenge grant!

But there are a couple catches: 1) They will only match what we raise. So we only get $1 million from them if we raise a million dollars ourselves! And 2) There's a time limit: we only have until the end of February, 2018!

BUT WE’RE CLOSE! So far, we have $871,769! We have raised almost 90% of our goal! Help us get the maximum! Donate online by going to this secure site, and click the "Thrive--Milllion Dollar Match" button when you donate!

Our Thrive! campaign is a two phase, multi-million dollar effort to renovate and expand our Leadership and Legacy campus. Plans are in place, construction crews are scheduled to begin in the spring of 2018.

To see the plans and to find out what we’ll do with all that money, click here to see the details of the Thrive! Campaign.