Education Zone and Housing Village

Martindale Brightwood Education Zone (MBEZ) and Housing Village 

The MBEZ helps children reach their maximum potential. Critical supports for parents and caregivers undergird students, and the well-coordinated, innovative, high-quality programs help every student advance. 


  • Babies are healthy at birth and children arrive at school kindergarten-ready. 
  • Children attend high quality schools, perform at grade level, and graduate from high school. 
  • Upon graduation, students enroll in a career pathway, program, degree, or other post-secondary program. 
  • Parents and grandparents are engaged in and knowledgeable about the child’s education at home as well as school. 
  • Families reside in stable and affordable housing and become financially stable. 


The Martindale Brightwood Education Zone (MBEZ) plans to improve the educational development and academic outcomes of MBEZ children and provide critical supports for parents/caregivers raising their children in the Martindale-Brightwood community. The MBEZ will:

  • Leverage the full array of assets within the MB community including MBEZ partners
  • Introduce new initiatives or scale-up existing programs and services targeting children, youth and families 
  • Document measurable progress and advancements of each MBEZ participant
  • Provide diverse resources and supports for families living in the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood.

Year 1 Outcomes (2019)

  • 2 homes renovated
  • 4 new home models constructed
  • 25 lots purchased

Year 2 Outcomes (2020)

  • 25 new homes constructed
  • 10 new lots purchased

Year 3 Outcomes (2021)

  • 10 new homes constructed