Leadership & Legacy Campus 

A community linchpin and example of neighborhood renewal, the 13-acre Campus is home to Edna Martin Christian Center’s (EMCC) intergenerational programming—school-aged youth, preschool, and Senior Angels. The Campus development is part of the 25th Street Corridor Renaissance Project.

The 24,000 square-foot building on Ralston was once used to recycle oil and treat wastewater. It used to be a symbol of job flight, changing economies, and pollution, but now, it is the Leadership & Legacy Campus, and it welcomes hundreds of kids and seniors every weekday.


  • Support the MBEZ with high-quality preschool, School-aged academic enrichment, character/leadership training, and the creation of a community high school 
  • Support the MBFRN with affordable produce, and opportunities to learn about growing, handling, selling & preparing fresh produce 
  • Support the CSEC with youth entrepreneurship maker-space and programming, and farm-related entrepreneurial opportunities 


Stats for 2017

  • 273 youth were served directly in 2017 with out-of-school-time opportunities during the school year and the summer
  • 40 students were served indirectly via EMCC sponsored programming, such as Village Works.
  • 4 additional sites host EMCC after-school programs
  • EMCC’s school/community imprint grew to include direct partnerships with 19 public, private, and charter schools that serve EMCC students
  • 70% of our regularly attending students earned at least a “C” or increased their English/Language Arts grades during the school year

Phase I (2018)

  • 200+ school-age kids served
  • 100+ seniors actively engaged
  • New Early Childhood Center that will allow us to serve 88 more children

Phase II (2019)

  • 11,554 sq. ft. of new construction adding space for literacy, job training, entrepreneurship, and offices
  • Addition of the two-acre Henry Blair Farm, a greenhouse with a produce stand, the new KIPP Indy Legacy High School, and sports fields