Food Resource Network

Martindale-Brightwood Food Resource Network (MBFRN) 

The MBFRN supports a network of local growing centers that offer fresh, healthy, affordable food to MB residents. The Network will cast a larger net to include regional entities to achieve greater sustainability, outreach, education, and impact.


  • Launch the 2-acre Henry Blair Farm 
  • Support existing community gardens and launch 4 more. 
  • Connect all growing centers with local organizations, groceries, churches, youth programs, and food pantries. 
  • Launch farm stands, a mobile market, and a year-round farmers/artisanal market


The MBFN is a collaboration of food-relief entities who have selected the Martindale-Brightwood area as a location of intensified health promotion and economic development efforts. The network consists of the following:

  • 4 existing urban gardens
  • 2 existing social enterprises:

A restaurant and a grocery store

  • A local hospital
  • A planned 2-acre farm (Henry Blair Farm) which will encompass in-ground and above-ground growing areas.