PACE Recovery Resource Center

The Center provides addiction recovery supports or information.Professionals and volunteers help men, women, families, and communities who need support after being affected by addiction.

  1. PACE aims to reduce recidivism through identification of Substance Abuse Disorder and assist individuals in identifying and participating in recovery resources. 
  2. PACE Recovery Resource Center provides Recovery Coaching enabling participants to be assisted with access to community resources that will help them build Recovery Capital and become financially literate, find employment, and live a full, productive, rewarding life.
  3. PACE Recovery Resource works to provide Mental Health Supports in house through coaching and support group inclusion and assistance with linkage to community Mental Health services.
  4. PACE Recovery Resource Center Serenity Club exists to provide safe, secure, drug and alcohol free pro-social activities for participants and their families.
  5. PACE Recovery Resource Center hosts support groups for multiple pathways of recovery for participant and family members
  6. PACE Recovery Resource Center provides information and trainings that equip community members to assist in neighborhood and city wide recovery efforts.