Edna Martin Christian Center launched the Thrive! Campaign in October, 2017, to renovate and expand our Leadership and Legacy campus.

We already host hundreds of kids there every weekday for meals, homework help, and a safe place to play.

Just as importantly, this renovation will not only benefit the kids we work with now, but it will offer many resources to the community.

The “Blue Sky” goals of the whole campaign include:

  • 50 city blocks in Martindale-Brightwood beautified.

  • 50 homes repaired or rehabbed within 46218.

  • 100 more children kindergarten ready.

  • 50 new jobs created.

  • A network of community-based urban growing centers.

  • A new public access recreational center.

  • A new youth entrepreneurship center.

As you can see, we have a little way to go with our fundraising. You can contribute by following this link.

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The Thrive! campaign is divided into two main phases:
$2.2 Million

This phase includes a renovation and upgrade of the existing infrastructure. Communications, wiring, plumbing, and insulation all desperately need to meet modern standards. A new Early Childhood Center will be added, allowing us to offer high-quality childcare to 88 more children.

Phase 2:
$2.1 Million

This phase rings the north building with new construction adding offices and classrooms. It joins the north and south building, adding a new main entrance, a lobby, and a multipurpose room. This phase also comprises the grounds, parking lot, a growing center with a produce stand, and the installation of sports fields.

*NOTE: some funds for the growing center have already been received, so that may be accomplished ahead of schedule.




Thrive!  Timeline:

  • Mobilize volunteers to beautify 50 blocks of the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood.
  • Address the food desert by establishing a network of urban growing centers in the 46218 area.
  • Launch Thrive Social Entrepreneurship Series.
  • Help 88 more 3- to 5-year-olds for Kindergarten by adding Kindergarten readiness to the Leadership & Legacy Campus.
  • Rehab 25 homes in Martindale-Brightwood in partnership with Eastern Star Church and Habitat for Humanity.
  • Open new public recreational center at the Leadership & Legacy Campus.
  • Open new entrepreneurship center at the Leadership & Legacy Campus
    • Rehab 25 more homes in Martindale-Brightwood in partnership with faith-based and service agencies.