Leadership and Legacy Campus

The home of our school-age youth programming and Senior Angels program


This 25,000 square foot building is located on 12 acres of land that was remediated through the EPA Brownfields program in 2016, putting a valuable resource back into good use in our community.

Outdoor Gardens & Classroom

We currently have 8 raised beds in the south field used for youth gardening and the standing height and seated raised beds on a paved area for easy-access for seniors. The outdoor classroom is located alongside the youth garden and will give us a shady spot to explore science and nature through gardening.

Inter-generational Gardening

Many of our seniors have grown up gardening at home. We want to preserve that knowledge and pass it on to the next generations. Seniors also need the energy and human connection with youth and benefit from the extra help with the more physically intense work of growing food.

One of our key partners is Purdue Extension which will be helping us lead nutrition classes, provide volunteer Master Gardeners and explore options for food preservation.

Youth Empowerment

In everything we do we strive to be role models for the next generation of leaders through our walk and our educational programs. We seek to cultivate the social, emotional and critical thinking skills of our youth and build community through inter-generational and peer mentorship. We also encourage our youth to take on positions of responsibility within our programs to develop their leadership and unique talents and skills.

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Recently EMCC’s Leadership and Legacy Campus hosted an event called Youth Meet, where over 50 youth from different congregations of the American Baptist Churches of Greater Indianapolis (ABCGI) came together to explore issues of leadership, faith, and cross-cultural community building.  The event was designed and implemented with youth involvement at every step.

The purpose of the event was simple but vital:  to allow students to come together for fellowship and worship and to meet other youth who are similar in leadership potential and in their desire to learn more.  Break-out sessions were focused on providing youth with the tools they need to become self-aware and to lead others and themselves in a way that represents EMCC and our core values.

American Baptist Churches USA is one of the most ethnically diverse denominations in the country, and this is reflected in ABCGI as well.  Bringing youth together from diverse backgrounds and learning about other cultures allows the students to better place themselves within their own culture and helps build identity and self-confidence at an age often characterized by low self esteem and heavy peer pressure.  Multicultural involvement and awareness within worship—and life—is a wonderful opportunity for people normally separated by language, school systems, income, churches, and townships, helping to break down barriers to friendships outside of their “normal” group.

Leadership and Legacy Campus


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