We are building the future together

At EMCC we believe not just in serving our community but in building agency, skills, and relationships that have life-long, community-wide impact. The challenges we face are many, and we are better equipped to lift up our community if we are able to build institutions, businesses, and young people who can build our collective self-reliance and self-determination to meet our community’s needs.

Leadership and Legacy Campus

A new Edna Martin Christian Center site, the Leadership and Legacy Campus is the new home of our school-age youth programming and Senior Angels program.

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Entrepreneurial Incubator

As part of our Center for Working Families we provide business startup resources and coaching to turn your passion into a viable business that benefits you, your family and our community.

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Youth Entrepreneurship

By the end of 2019, youth will have the opportunity to explore their options beyond a 9-5pm career. We want to help them find their passion connect them to the right people to develop their business ideas.

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Social Enterprises

Learn about our social enterprises: Keystone Catering, Cafe 37 and Faith + Work = Alive. We believe in supporting businesses and entrepreneurs who will create jobs for people often left out of the mainstream economy.

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Community Building

Edna Martin serves as a lead partner for the Martindale-Brightwood Quality of Life plan.


You can also check out Quality of Life plans for the Near Eastside and Northeast Corridor below.