Our Staff

Tysha Hardy-Sellers
Executive Director

Tysha Hardy-Sellers

Mrs. Sellers background includes management positions in media and advertising, government and corporate. She has also taught at Franklin College and IVY Tech. Her undergraduate degrees are in Public Relations and Russian Studies. Her Masters Degree is in Medical Sociology. She is the mother of two daughters and has a stepson. See her full bio by clicking here.


Tysha A. Hardy-Sellers, Executive Director
Barato Britt, EMCC Leadership & Legacy Academy Executive Director
Alexandra J. Hall, Director of Early Childhood Education
Tawnya McCrary, Operations Director

Past Leaders

Rev. Lawrence Lindley
Rev. Dick Padrick
Rev. Frank Alexander

Full Staff

Maria Baca VilchezFamily and Community Solutions – 2Gen

Cynthia BakerLeadership and Legacy Campus

Randy BerryhillFamily and Community Solutions

Becky BesserLeadership and Legacy Campus

Shalawn Bobo Leadership and Legacy Campus- LLAPreK

Trina Boyd Family and Community Solutions -2Gen

Barato Britt Leadership and Legacy Campus

Joyce Brown Family and Community Solutions

Reggie BrownleeLeadership and Legacy Campus

Jason BurkmanLeadership and Legacy Campus

Jennifer BurnettFamily and Community Solutions -2Gen

Keith Burns Leadership and Legacy Campus

Alexander Butler Leadership and Legacy Campus

Daria Cosby Family and Community Solutions  – EMCM

Dale Crabtree Administrative

Tatianna Davis Family and Community Solutions  – EMCM

Dwayne DoniganFamily and Community Solutions -CS

Julian EdwardsFamily and Community Solutions – CS

Kevin Getter Leadership and Legacy Campus

Maggie Goeglein Leadership and Legacy Campus

Carla Golder Leadership and Legacy Campus

Amy Greene Administrative

Alex HallMB7 Talent Acquisition Director  / EMCM Director

Ta-Tanisha HamlerFamily and Community Solutions  – EMCM

Tysha Hardy-SellersAdministrative

Ryan Hatton Family and Community Solutions  -CWF

Maya Hodgens Family and Community Solutions  – EMCM

Immanuel Ivey Family and Community Solutions -CSEC

Latia Jointer Leadership and Legacy Campus

Chelsea JordanFamily and Community Solutions  – EMCM

Ta’Quasha MannsFamily and Community Solutions – 2Gen

Kristyana MayfieldFamily and Community Solutions  – EMCM

Tawnya McCrary Family and Community Solutions -CWF

Candice McCrutchenFamily and Community Solutions -CWF

Ashley Moore Leadership and Legacy Campus

Janae Morris Leadership and Legacy Campus

Andrea MurphyFamily and Community Solutions -CS

Barbara Neal Leadership and Legacy Campus

Christina Neely Family and Community Solutions  – EMCM

Evelyn Owens Leadership and Legacy Campus

LeNina Parham Family and Community Solutions

Jacquita Pettigrew Family and Community Solutions

Khalil Proctor Leadership and Legacy Campus

Richard Reynolds Leadership and Legacy Campus

Kristina Rose Family and Community Solutions  – EMCM

Jamie Scott Leadership and Legacy Campus

Keshia Strange Family and Community Solutions  – EMCM

Mary Studley Leadership and Legacy Campus

Joanne Threatt Family and Community Solutions – CWF

Debra TowsendLeadership and Legacy Campus

Terrance TrotterLeadership and Legacy Campus

Sandra Webster Leadership and Legacy Campus

Regina WhitsonEMCM Administrator  /Assistant ECE Director

Yolanda WhitsonFamily and Community Solutions  – EMCM

Jacob Windsor Leadership and Legacy Campus

Kayla Winters Leadership and Legacy Campus- LLAPreK

Erika Young Family and Community Solutions  – EMCM