cafe 37

2605 E. 25th St. Indianapolis, Indiana 46218

Café 37 is a delivery and dining experience brought to you by Keystone Catering-a social enterprise of the Edna Martin Christian Center. All of the proceeds earned support the programs and services of the Edna Martin Christian Center. The Mission of EMCC is to bridge cultural, racial and economic differences in order to support and nurture all people by providing holistic programs that empower, encourage and engender a vision of hope. (317) 637-3776 or to make arrangements for your next catered event.


Wednesday – Friday, 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM

(closed Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday)

Daily Lunch Menu

Bell Bottom Burger $7.75

¼ lb. Beef Patties *Berryhill’s Gourmet Seasonings& Onion with a side of House Fries Topped with Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes
& Onion with a side of House Fries


Breaded & Fried or Pan Seared (Catfish or Tilapia) with *Berryhill’s Gourmet Seasonings* with a side of House Fries, Veggie De jour or Cole Slaw

Grilled Cheese Sandwich $5.50

Chef will leave the kitchen and prepare meals live on the main floor

Keystone Philly

Beef or Chicken with Cheese, Onions & Bell Peppers with a side of House Fries


Fried Wings *Berryhill’s Gourmet Seasonings* (Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan or Plain) with a side of House Fries


Thursday $8.95 (Includes Beverage)

Grandma’s Sunday Dinner on Thursday

Chef’s Live Cook Wednesday $8.95 (Includes Beverage)

Daily Special $7.75

Variety of Chef’s Specialty Items. Something new each day

Desserts and Sides

Carmel Cake $25.00
Strawberry Lemon Cake $25.00
Cake Slices $3.50
Brownies (2) $3.00
Carmel Apples $5.00

Chips $0.50
Popcorn $1.00
Soda $0.55
Bottled Water $1.00
Juice $1.00