Sign for Leadership and Legacy Center


Are you handy in the workshop? Can you understand an exploded-view diagram? Do you have some time, a truck, and a post-hole digger? You might be the one who can save us a lot of money! Our Leadership & Legacy Center is undergoing a major renovation, and we need a new sign. In fact, that campus has never had a sign!

We got an estimate from a local company, and even for a temporary sign—the kind they put up at construction sites—they wanted more than $1,000! That's $1,000 that wouldn't be going to help our neighbors.

So, we thought maybe a friend or supporter out there could do us a favor. Can building a sign be your contribution to our ministry?

Initial idea for a sign design is here. Just click on the plans. But these are initial ideas only—do you have a better idea in mind? We are open to any ideas from anyone that knows what they’re doing.

Contact Dale at  if you are interested in helping.