How to donate without donating!

There are some absolutely painless ways to support Edna Martin Christian Center. 
We would love for you to donate, of course, but you can help us without donating too!
Check these out!


"Amazon Smile" has given away more than $80 million so far.

When you shop on Amazon, simply get there via "Amazon Smile", and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your entire purchase price. Don't worry, every Amazon thing--prices, inventory, selection--everything is totally the same on Amazon Smile! Click here to go to Amazon Smile and get started

Provisos: You'll have to choose Edna Martin Christian Center as your favorite charity. Also, you will have to remember to use Amazon Smile every time you shop. (You may want to bookmark it.) Lastly, 0.5% means that it will take $10,000 worth of shopping to yield a $50 donation. So tell all your friends! 0.5% isn't much, but it adds up!



• Do you shop at Kroger?
• Do you have a Kroger Rewards Card? OR are you willing to get ONE?

Then simply:

• Go to: 
• Click on the link under “I’m a Customer” 
• Register your card, enter some basic info, and choose Edna Martin Christian Center.  

Do all of that, and Kroger will give EMCC a percentage of the dollars you spend there! Every time you buy groceries, Kroger will be donating to us for you! FINE PRINT: Kroger requires that customers re-choose a charity every 12 months. So after you sign up, set a reminder on your calendar app for the same time next year. 



Charity Charge is a MasterCard that donates 1% of your total purchases to a not-for-profit of your choice. AND you can combine this with the two programs above!

This no-fee MasterCard is backed by Commerce Bank and is honored everywhere that MasterCard is accepted. There are no fees for you and no cost for us. A full 1% of your purchase totals can be donated to Edna Martin Christian Center if you sign up and select us as your favorite nonprofit. 

This is a World MasterCard and carries many important benefits, including a low introductory Annual Percentage Rate, no annual fee, zero-liability coverage, price protection, extended warranty, and MasterCard ID-theft protection. See details and other card benefits at
Apply at